A local man was facing charges after a longtime customer of his salon accused him of sexual assault.  He contacted Crawford, who reviewed the report and immediately reached out to the prosecutor assigned to the case.  After Crawford pointed out a number of problems with the accuser's story, the State of Florida elected not to go forward with charges.  The charges were dismissed less than 30 days after the man's arrest.  His arrest record has since been expunged.   



A jury rejected the State of Florida's efforts to convict a Putnam County man of a horrible crime he did not commit.  The State alleged that a local man sexually assaulted his granddaughter years ago at a family gathering.  Prosecutors attempted to prove their case by offering only testimonial evidence about an unreported incident alleged to have occurred over 6 years ago.  If convicted, the man would have served a mandatory life sentence.  During cross-examination, Crawford was able to raise doubts about the accusations by pointing out inconsistencies in the accusers' descriptions of the alleged crimes.  The jury deliberated for nearly 7 hours before...

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